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Review 1

I have been a black berry storm user for 2 years now and I LOVE the ZIO on the cricket network. It is east to navigate and and was easy to "learn". the touch screen is awesome and even works good with my LONG nails. Not bad for Sanyo/kyocera first run at a smart phone.

October 06, 2010Jennifer A.

Review 2

Having the phone a full month, I have been able to use a lot of features on the phone. I am amazed at how lightweight the phone is. It seems to be the lightest touchscreen phone available. Although not as fast as the iPhone, which I am used to, the ZIO's processor has a decent speed. I am impressed by the different apps available for the phone and how well it runs the apps. The volume of the phone is just right and the screen is really clear. The quality of the camera/video is decent. The web browser is clear and decent for a touchscreen phone. I have a concern about the responsiveness of the touch screen. I found it not to be very responsive. I had to hit buttons several times and when trying to send text messages or just type in general, it took twice as long to type because of the unresponsiveness. When I attempted to hit one button, another button was pressed. I am also concerned about the wifi. Almost every time I had to disable then enable the wifi in order for it to pick up the signal from the wireless router that was less than two(2) feet from the phone. Overall, I would recommend this phone. Hopefully a few updates to the OS, that may be able to correct the few issues I have with the phone, will be available soon. It's a great start for the Kyocera company and I do believe it will only get better.

September 30, 2010Carl K.

Review 3

This phone is awesome! Sleek, simple, and sturdy... An affordable way to get on board with the evolving Android OS, a system so smoothly integrated with Google features and thousands of apps that I wish I could run it on my desktop! Cricket's first Android, and the best over all value for a reliable smartphone.

September 16, 2010Jim M.

Review 4

I have had this phone for a few weeks now, and I must say I am surprised that it is a very good phone. call quality is excellent, all features work great. I have had no issues at all, I have owned other smartphones and found this to be user friendly in every way. the only thing I can criticize is the fact it has no speed dial on it. I am very impressed with cricket for offering this phone, I love it!

September 15, 2010Tim M.

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