How To

Here are some quick How To guides for getting the most of your Zio's Android platform.

Setting Up Email

Accessing Social Media Apps (such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace)

Syncing Your Calendar or Contacts

Using Android Market

  • How to use Android Market to download and install Android apps for your Zio phone.
      1. In order to use the Android Market, you must first setup a Google account.
      2. Touch Home, open the Applications tab, then touch Market.
      3. On the Android Market screen, browse apps by category to find the app of your choice.
      4. Select the item that you want to download.
      5. On the item Details screen, view ratings of the app, comments by users and developer information.
      6. Touch Install to start installation.
      7. Information on what the app will access on your Zio appears. Touch OK.
      8. When installation is complete, the content download icon will appear on the status bar.
      9. On Android Market screen, touch Downloads.
      10. Touch the app.
      11. Touch Open

Making a Phone Call

  • How to make a call using your Zio.
      1. To open the Dialer, touch Home, open the Applications tab.
      2. Touch Dialer.
      3. On the Dialer screen, touch the keypad to enter number.
      4. Press the Send key.
      5. Call progress screen appears.

Installing Widgets

  • How to add Widgets to your Zio.
      1. To add a Widget, touch and hold an empty spot on the Home screen.
      2. On the Add to Home screen, select the type of item you want to add: Widgets.
      3. Choose the Widget you would like to add such as the clock.
      4. The Widget appears on your desktop.


* Features are dependent upon services available from your Service Provider.

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